Friday, June 8, 2018

The Clouds of Spring

May and June are months where we see a lot of clouds. Sometimes, it's just the unending "May Gray," or "June Gloom." More often, we have cloudy mornings with "sun breaks" in the afternoon. When there are sun breaks, there are often fluffy/puffy cloudscapes, illuminated by the sun. Here is a sampling:

Spring clouds can also be dramatic, especially at sunset.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Done, and on to Adventure #3!

So this got finished last week:

As you may remember from this post, the yarn and pattern for this shawl (Martina Behm's Lintilla, knit in Wollmeise) were pulled randomly from this bag:

Today I pulled the canvas bag out again.

I picked this brown bag:

This is what I found inside:
I have a number of other projects going on, as well as a big non-knitting adventure coming up, so I'm giving myself most of the summer to finish this shawl. Watch this space in August for more on this particular adventure.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Better Late than Never

Just a quick post to show off my latest finished garment, the Shoreline Vest.

I really fell for this pattern when it was published in late 2015 in Carrie Bostick Hoge's Swoon Maine. I bought the book at Stitches West in February 2016, and within a week purchased the yarn used in the pattern, Peace Fleece DK/sport, and cast on. I worked on the vest pretty steadily for a couple months, and then intermittently for several months after that. Then shortly before Christmas 2016, I put the project bag in the back of the closet and promised myself I would pull it out after the holidays.  Surprise, surprise that didn't happen. I would think about it every now and then, but some other project always seemed more urgent.

Fast forward to late March of this year. I was looking at the "Friend Activity" tab in Ravelry and noticed that one of my retreat friends, Dagmar, had finished the same pattern in a very similar color yarn to mine. It looked so nice on her that it got me thinking about that vest hiding in the back of my closet. I pulled it out, and within about ten days, and with probably no more than eight hours of knitting, the vest was finished! I really love it, and wore it several times before the weather got too warm for wool vests. I know it will get a lot of wear next fall and winter.

The lesson in all this is that I should just power through my project when I hit the doldrums, because inevitably I'll love the finished object when I'm done. You will discover soon that I haven't learned this lesson completely as yet. There will be more to come on this topic in the coming months, I promise.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Snow in Spring

It seems like much of the Midwest and East Coast has suffered through a lot of snow since the calendar turned over to spring. Here in Seattle, that has not been the case. With the exception of three warm and sunny days last week, it's been rain, rain, rain for almost the whole past month.

Despite the fact that rain is the most common form of springtime precipitation here, spring snow has been known to occur.

The most recent instance was this year, on March 23rd. The morning started out very cold, the sky was heavy with gray clouds, and for a couple of hours this happened:

In 2013, a snow squall blew through on March 22nd, two days after the spring equinox.

Those poor daffodils!

But the latest spring snow, by far, was in 2008, on April 18th:

The storm struck at dusk, and the rhododendron outside my front door—and the street beyond—was covered in that cold, white stuff.

Fortunately, there are less than 24 hours left in the month of April, so I think we are safe from any more spring snow this year. At least, I hope so...

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Adventure #2: Inside the First Brown Bag

Remember these?

On April 4th, I reached in and chose a bag.

Inside the bag I found this:

Two weeks later, while on vacation in California, I cast on.  Here is my progress to date:

The yarn is Wollmeise Pure, and the pattern is Lintilla, designed by Martina Behm. I am hoping to work on this a bit each day, and I'm targeting finishing around June 1st. 

More to come...

Friday, March 30, 2018

Weather from the Air

One of the best places to observe the weather is from an airplane. Last month, I was able to photograph some spectacular land- and cityscapes from the air, on a flight from Detroit to Seattle. Two of these photos show the effects of the winter weather, as well as the geographical features of the landscape. The third photo provides a peek through the clouds at the city of Seattle below.

Blue Horizon: somewhere over eastern North Dakota

Relief Map: a river and the surrounding rough terrain, somewhere over Montana  

Beneath the Clouds: Downtown Seattle and Elliott Bay

Friday, March 9, 2018

Of Stitches West Market Hauls

February usually means Madrona and Stitches West, but this year, Stitches was the only event of the two that I attended. I always share my Stitches purchases on the blog, so here is what I bought in the market this year (clockwise from top left in the photo below): a project bag from Front Range bags, a ball of Valley Superwash from WEBS (for Mother Bear clothing), a sock blank from Leading Men Fiber Arts, two balls of Valley Yarns Greylock (one hundred per cent cashmere fingering weight yarn), a Mother Bear ornament (unfortunately backwards in the photo so you can't see its little heart-shaped button) and the book and accompanying Ravelry download, I Knit New York. 

I can almost see your shocked face and hear you saying,"What? That's all?" Yes, that is really all. I guess I wasn't breathing in enough yarn fumes this year, although I've never really bought a huge amount of yarn any of the times I've gone to Stitches West. For comparison, here are some photos of purchases from previous years. This was my haul in 2017:

And here is my haul from 2015 (for some reason I don't have a photo from 2016):

And here's 2014:
The embarrassing thing about all three of these photos is how few of the yarns I've actually knit. From 2014, I've knit two of the skeins shown and from 2015, I've knit one and gave one as a gift. The 2017 haul is the most embarrassing of all, because I have knit exactly none of those skeins. So my conclusion from this review of my purchases is that it is probably a very good thing I didn't buy much this year! I'm going to try to make a dent in these yarns over the next several months, so that maybe, just maybe, I won't have all of them hanging around in my stash when Stitches West rolls around again next year.