Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekly Hike #1: In the Foothills

Mr. D and I have a fitness plan this summer, and a part of that plan is to do a weekly hike together. Before this week, we have done a couple of longer walks to tune us (really just me) up for the more strenuous hiking season ahead. We did four miles on a nearby bicycle/pedestrian trail about a month ago, and two weeks ago we did a long walk with lots of up-and-down hills at St. Edward State Park.

Monday was our first true weekly hike, at Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park in Issaquah, about a 40-minute drive from home. We hiked over six miles in about three hours. It was a cool overcast day, perfect for hiking. Here are some scenes from the trail:

On the Red Town Trail, early in the hike.

It's salmonberry season. They are tangy, and a great source of vitamin C. They will shortly turn a red-orange and become a bit sweeter, but they are good to eat at this stage, too.

We ate a trail snack of pretzels.

We observed salal in bloom. This Northwest native is used a lot in landscaping. It grows wild in the woods.

We ended the hike with a picnic near Coal Creek.

There will be more weekly hikes this summer, so watch this space for more of our adventures.

What? I hear you saying,"I thought this was supposed to be a knitting blog."  Don't worry, it's coming...

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