Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekly Hike #3: Little Mount Si

The Fourth of July, Independence Day in the U.S., is a day that Mr. D and I often go on a hike, and often, that hike is up Little Mount Si. So this year, that's where we headed. Little Mount Si is in North Bend, Washington, and lies in the shadow of Mount Si (3,100 feet), which was made famous by the 1990s television series, Twin Peaks. Little Mount Si, is, of course not as high (about a thousand feet), and the trail is relatively easy, except for the very beginning and the end, which are both quite steep.

Here are some scenes from our hike:

This bench was erected in memory of Doug Hansen, who died on Mount Everest in 1996.

The deep and green forest.


Mount Si looms above Little Mount Si. Mr. D hikes to just below the large rock on the right at least once a week throughout most of the year.

North Bend, the Snoqualmie Valley and Rattlesnake Mountain. The little notch on Rattlesnake Mountain, just below the last cloud on the left, is Rattlesnake Ridge, where we hiked last week.

Lunch with a view.

Dessert: fresh, local, organic strawberries!

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