Thursday, March 29, 2012

Whole Lotta Knitting Going On

I started looking at my Ravelry projects the other day, and I realized that there are many FOs and WIPs that I haven't written about here. Today I'm going to rectify that situation by posting photos with minimal notes of just about everything that I've finished this year that hasn't yet appeared on the blog. (I'll do a post soon on current WIPs, too.) I'll link each project to its page on Ravelry, if you need more information. Are you ready? Here we go!

Project: Comfy Kumara
I finished this hat on New Year's Eve, but it wasn't given to my niece, Mandy (modeling it in the photo), until February 19th, her birthday.

Project: What Was I Thinking? Two-Tone Socks
These are socks that I knit as a Christmas gift (but didn't finish until January 12) for Mr. D. Did I remember how wide his feet were when I started knitting from a one-of-a-kind Socks That Rock Rare Gems mill end? No, of course not! When I was just past the heel on the first sock I realized that there would never be enough yarn, so I added on another Socks That Rock Rare Gems mill end for most of the foot. When Mr. D is wearing shoes, no one will be the wiser...

Project: Teach Myself Cables Socks
These socks languished for months, mostly because I really didn't like knitting with Noro Silk Garden Sock (my hands didn't like it either). In January, I finally bit the bullet and finished the second sock. Even though I didn't like knitting with the yarn, I really like the socks, which have softened nicely with washing.

Project: Alpaca Troubador
Nancy, Jan and I knitted this scarf as a knit along. Nancy gave us the yarn, pattern and a very cute project bag for Christmas. I had some problems with dropped stitches (which should have been knit three togethers), but Nancy magically fixed them for me. Tanis Gray's Troubador is a wonderful pattern, and I love how this turned out. I still have more than a skein left, so I'm currently in search of a hat pattern to go with this. Any suggestions?

Project: Retreat Socks
I always like to have some plain socks when I am in social situations with other knitters, so I took these socks along as one of my projects for the knitting retreat I went to in January. With all of the knitting time that weekend, these moved along really quickly. The yarn is very soft for standard self-striping yarn, and it was a bargain, too—only $6.99 at WEBS.

You may remember that I knit a Hitchhiker for my friend Jan at the end of last year. Shortly after finishing Jan's Hitchhiker I cast on one for me, and here it is! The Malabrigo sock yarn is incredibly soft and scrumptious around my neck, and I have loved wearing it in our colder and wetter than normal March weather. After knitting two of these back-to-back, I got a little bored with the pattern toward the end, but the results were definitely worth the boredom!

Next up, current WIPs, with a report on a project that has magically come back to life. I'll be back in a few days with more.

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  1. Julie, all of your knits are beautiful! I need to get cracking on getting more of mine done as well!