Monday, April 23, 2012

The Color Census

This is Day 1 of the third annual Knit and Crochet Blog week (3KCBWDAY1), and this is my first time participating, since I wasn't even blogging when it happened last year. I have a pretty busy week ahead, with out-of-town guests arriving on Wednesday, so I probably won't blog every day, but some of the daily themes may actually show up in the coming weeks. I wanted to post on the first day, at least, so here I am!

Today's theme is color, a topic which I love, and as both an avid knitter and photographer, something I think about a lot. You may remember one of my musings on color from last summer, right after I attended Sock Summit, when I posted this photo:

The yarn in that photo was almost all of my purchases from the Sock Summit marketplace, and the distinguishing characteristic of that yarn was that it was all in the red/pink/purple family. Only two of my purchases did not fall into that color family:

I've been thinking a lot about those purchases, some of the other yarns in my stash and projects that I have made, and I decided to conduct a color census in my yarn stash and projects. Here are the results, including a representative photo or two of typical yarns or projects in each of my preferred color families.

Stash: 51
Projects: 42

Robin Shawl, a She-Knits design
Stash: 37
Projects: 16

Projects: 20

Crow's Feet, a Linda Welch design

And here are those poor orphans that don't seem to get much love from me.

Stash: 8
Projects: 2

Stash: 6
Projects: 0

Stash: 5
Projects: 1

Stash: 3
Projects: 2
Do I feel bad about not knitting much with the "orphan colors" that have the lowest results in the census? No, not really. It makes me happy to knit with colors that I love, and like to wear, so that is all the justification that I need. But guess what? My current sock project on the needles isn't red, it isn't purple, it isn't pink, it isn't green, it isn't blue...

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  1. Yé to blues and greens! Have a good blogging week!