Monday, July 9, 2012

Walks, Hikes and Wanders #13: Little Mount Si with a Friend

I am ashamed to admit that I now have four weekly hikes under my belt, with a fifth planned for tomorrow, and I have only written about one of them. Shame on me! Look for several hiking posts this week, and then I'll get back to talking about my knitting. At least you will have lots of posts to look forward to!

On June 21, we did our annual hike up little Mount Si, one of my favorite short hikes. My friend Susan was visiting us for two days as part of her Washington and Oregon trip. Susan is an enthusiastic and experienced hiker, so Little Mount Si was a natural.

We started up the trail, passing by the familiar trail sign:

The view of the valley partway up was beautiful on this sunny and warm day.

We decided to take a detour and hike the Boulder Garden Loop, where there are definitely some BIG boulders!

Our one miscalculation was doing the Boulder Garden on the way up. Dave and I usually do this on our way down, and when we do, it starts with a short but quite steep uphill. It was a lot harder to do that steep section going downhill, but we all handled it.

Lunch was, as always, at the top of the mountain, where we could enjoy the views of the Snoqualmie Valley and (big) Mount Si, which I hope to climb for the first time at the end of the summer.

All in all, it was a wonderful day, made even more special having my friend Susan to share it with.

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