Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weekly Hike #11: Hiking the PCT (For a Little While)

I am woefully behind on telling you about my weekly hikes, but I aim to get caught up this week. Today, we go back to August 6th, and a short hike that Mr. D and I took on—you guessed it!—the Pacific Crest Trail. The Pacific Crest Trail runs all the way from Mexico to Canada, but we planned to hike a very, very small segment, starting in the morning before the sun got too high (it was going to be a very hot day).

We started at the Snoqualmie Pass trailhead, which is easily accessible because it it right off Interstate 90 and just up the road from the Alpental ski area. Once we were on the trail, however, you would never know that these indicators of civilization were anywhere nearby.

There were wildflowers.

There were spooky trees, that seemed to be reaching out to grab you as you passed.

Best of all, there were spectacular mountain views of Denny Peak and the appropriately-named Red Mountain, which was much more red than my camera was able to capture.

In short, it was just a wonderful hike!

Up next: three very special hikes in one post.

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