Friday, November 8, 2013

Weekly Hike #21: It's All About the Light

On Monday, October 28—a beautiful sunny day—Mr. D and I decided to hike at Wallace Falls State Park. This hike is a favorite of both of ours, and my favorite time of year to hike there is in the fall. Why, you ask? Well, as the title of this post says, it's all about the light, and especially, the angle of the light. You may remember this photo from a hike at the park in October 2011:

See what I mean about the angle of the light?

We were treated to equally beautiful light on our hike last week. There was sunshine on the autumn leaves along the trail.

There was sunshine and blue skies enhancing the view of the distant Olympic Mountains.

But the most beautiful view of all was the forest, exquisitely bathed in luminous light.

it is, most definitely, all about the light.


  1. I'm enjoying your hiking posts, Julie! I haven't hiked Wallace Falls in years...may have to remedy that ~ beautiful!!!

    1. Wallace Falls is one of my very favorite hikes. The trail to Wallace Lake is really scenic, too.

  2. I love Wallace Falls, it's one of the few places I've been camping since moving to Seattle. That light IS beautiful.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Andi! We will have to get you up to the Northwest sometime so you can see some of these places in person.