Thursday, June 7, 2012

Walks, Hikes and Wanders #11: My Kind of Town

No, it's not Chicago, New York or LA, but Edmonds is such a pretty little town, and it's only a fifteen minute drive away, so Mr. D and I go there often. In fact, we enjoyed a pleasant walk in Edmonds last week, on Memorial Day.

Our route usually starts on the bluff overlooking the railroad tracks, where, this time of year, there are wild roses in bloom.

We walk north on the bluff until the road turns away from Puget Sound. At that point we cross the street and head back in the direction that we just came from. This side of the street has so many pretty gardens!

When we get to the entrance to the ferry terminal, we cross the street again, and pick up the path that follows the beach in Brackett's Landing Park. There is a great view of the ferries coming and going on the Edmonds-Kingston route. This time of year there are yellow lupines in bloom, which have attracted the attention of a bee.

We headed further up the beach and came upon two examples of public art. I especially love those quirky fishes.

We usually walk out onto the public fishing pier. On this day there were several people fishing, but it didn't look like anyone had caught anything.

From the pier, we head through the marina and on to Marina Beach Park. We saw someone flying a kite and a strange looking driftwood creature.

After enjoying the beach and the views of Puget Sound, we head back into downtown Edmonds and go to our favorite cafe, the Red Twig, where we usually have a chai and a treat.  Yum—today's treat was a morning glory muffin! A great way to end our walk in Edmonds.

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  1. My kind of town too! What a wonderful treasure to have so nearby.