Saturday, June 16, 2012

Knitting, Knitting, Done!

I know, I know, it's been forever (well, two months, anyway) since I wrote a knitting-related post. I had intended to write a review of all of my current WIPs shortly after I wrote the post about all of the things I had finished knitting in the first quarter of the year. That post just never got written, and instead, I've decided to give you shorter posts with just a couple of WIPS and/or FOs. That way, there might even be a few more knitting posts than there have been lately.

So, what am I currently working on? First up is what started out being called the Top-Down Tryout, my first top-down cardigan, Bonne Marie Burns' Eyelet Cardi. I cast on for this project in January, and progress has been very slow. So slow, in fact, that I have renamed the project The Interminable Cardigan. Here is what it looked like in April:

I'm not a whole lot further along; I just separated for the sleeves about a week ago. I hope to make faster progress now that there aren't so many stitches on the needle.

Even though my progress on this cardigan has been slow, it can't compare with one of my recent FOs. I cast on for the Selbu Modern hat in September 2009, and named the project the Slow and Steady Selbu Modern. A more accurate name would have been Slow and Not-So-Steady Selbu Modern. I was so frustrated with two-handed stranded knitting that I put the project into hibernation only two months after casting on, with only 12 rows of the 62-row chart completed. But guess what? In the intervening years, I've gotten more practice with colorwork, and this February I pulled the hat out and started working on it again. I finished knitting it on May 26, and I am so proud of it!

The big bonus, in addition to having a wonderful new hat, is that I am looking forward to my next stranded project. I have my eye on the Winter Twilight Mitts. I hope to cast on for those later this summer.

I have more in-progress and finished projects lurking, including one that has been super-secret. The secret will be revealed very soon, and as soon as that has happened, I'll be back here to tell you about it.

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