Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Interminable No More!

Do you remember this?

I wrote about this cardigan on the blog way back in June, around the time that I renamed the project The Interminable Cardigan. Well, guess what? Only one year, one month and eight days after cast-on, this cardigan is done!

Not only is it done, it fits! This is truly a testament to the power of knitting a gauge swatch, and then washing and blocking that swatch. I will never doubt that wisdom again, especially since the result is a cardigan that I love and I know will get a lot of wear.

Another very exciting thing about this cardigan is that I got to use one of the vintage buttons that I purchased at the annual show of the Washington State Button Society back in September 2011. I happened to see that this show was being held in a nearby town, and convinced Mr. D to go with me. He was sort of reluctant about attending, but once we got there, he was fascinated by the displays of historic buttons. I got to wander around the room to all the vendor tables. I spent about twelve dollars and came away with several beauties, including the one that is now on my cardigan.

Now that this cardigan is finally off the needles, I can cast-on for another one, Cecily Glowik MacDonald's Goodale, which I am going to knit in Hazel Knits DK Lively. The colorway is called Jay Blue—lovely, don't you think?

I'm hoping that it won't be a whole year before I can write another "finished cardigan" post. Stay tuned!

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