Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly Hike #8: Old-timer Hike

Last Saturday we went to Annette Lake. Mr. D assured me that this was the hike that the old-timer hikers like to go on, because the grade is relatively gentle and the lake at the end is beautiful. But it also has a lot of tree roots and there are some sections of the trail where you have to cross some fairly substantial rocks. The distance round trip is seven-and-a-half miles, and the elevation gain about 1,500 feet. Here is a look at the beginning of the trail:

We crossed a bridge over a roaring creek.


As we climbed higher, the fog and overcast began to burn off, and by the time we got to Annette Lake, the sun was shining brightly.


Now that we are well into August in this year of the late-arriving summer, we are starting to see a variety of wildflowers, including the ubiquitous Fireweed.

We also saw the first Bear Grass bloom of the season up near the lake, as well as Pearly Everlasting, which was growing in an open spot near the beginning of the trail. Another hiker pointed out a tiny Rein Orchid, which I would never had seen if she hadn't shown it to me.

You may be thinking that all I've been doing this summer is hiking, but I have been knitting, too, and I'll give you an update on some current projects and finished objects very soon.

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