Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekly Hike #9: Steep and Long

Last Thursday, Mr. D and I went hiking with our next door neighbors. We decided, for a change of pace, to head north and hike to Surprise Lake. Surprise Lake is located off U.S. Route 2, not too far below Stevens Pass. This was, by far, the most difficult hike I've yet been on this summer. It was also the longest, at about 9 miles, and had the most elevation gain, 2,300 feet. Below is a look at the trail. Those are our neighbors immediately below my vantage point. (I was lagging behind when I stopped to take this photo on the way down.)

There were some major scenic bonuses on this trail, however. There was beautiful, old growth forest:

Mountain and forest views:

Sparkling and incredibly translucent green Surprise Lake:

Natural wonders of earth, water and sky:

And of course, there were trail snacks!

P.S. Mr. D has promised me that this was the hardest hike that we will do this summer.


  1. It was hard work but worth it, just for the scenery.