Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weekly Hike #10: A Change of Pace

 After the hard work of last week's hike, Mr. D made good on his promise for an easier hike. On Friday, we drove up into Snohomish County and took the Mountain Loop Highway to Barlow Pass. That is where the trailhead for the Monte Cristo Trail is located. It is 8 miles round trip, and almost completely flat (only 423 feet elevation gain). There are a few rough spots on the trail, and one of the bridges across the Sauk River was wiped out in the big 2006 flood, so we had to cross over this:


Monte Cristo was a thriving mining town in the 1890s, but the gold, silver and copper were long ago played out. Now all that is left is a ghost town.

Despite the abandoned, boarded up buildings, this is a magical spot to explore and marvel at the scenery.

It also was the perfect spot to have lunch. Here is Mr. D enjoying the view of the Sauk River, right in front of us:
After finishing my sandwich, and some carrots and celery, I had my favorite trail snack, Heavenly Trail Mix, which is a combination of dried cherries, peanuts, cashews, and chocolate and butterscotch chips. Salty and sweet; it really is heavenly!

The best part of the day was just sitting by the river and listening and watching...


  1. Your photos have captured the essence of the place. These are beautiful and looks like you had a lot of fun.