Sunday, January 15, 2012

Goals Versus Resolutions: Part Two

Well, you heard about my knitting goals for 2012, so you are probably wondering about my other goals for the year.  Here they are:

1. Read more books. 

Before I started knitting in 2008, reading was the main thing I did in my spare time. Since then, the number of books that I have read annually has dropped drastically. Listening to audiobooks has helped to increase my totals over the last few months, but I also want to read actual, physical books more than I have been.

I have come up with a modest goal for the total of books to read this year: 42. In 2011, I read 35 books, so this is not a huge increase, and should be do-able. Ideally, I'd like to average a book per week, but I'm going to work on getting to 42 first. As I work my way though a reading year, I'll try to keep you updated on my progress and maybe even give a short review from time to time.

In addition to reading more, I also want to read more of the books that I own. My dear friend, Bonnie, gives me a Minnesota-themed book every year for Christmas, and while I have read many of them, there are still a few books on my "Minnesota shelf" that I haven't gotten to yet. You can take a look below at what's on the shelf; you might see something that you'd like. (I especially recommend the two books by Kevin Kling.)

2. Do a long walk or hike 50 times in 2012, and take photographs during all of them.

How do you like the way I combined walking/hiking and photography? This goal will certainly provide lots of material for the blog! It will also help me to keep in shape and to get out and explore the beautiful area that I live in. I also will get to spend some quality time with Mr. D. (We almost always have great conversations on our walks and hikes.)

I've already started work on this goal—we have gone on an extended walk in each of the last two weeks. I'll be posting about the first one in the next few days, but in the meantime, below is an advance peek at one of the things we saw. You will have to read my next post to find out where we were.


  1. I think that these are two excellent goals as they will both be good quality time for you!