Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Walks, Hikes and Wanders #1: Discovery Park

I know, I know, it's been over a week since I gave you that hint about our first extended walk of the year, and then nothing. I've been traveling and having adventures (more about that later), but I'm back, and I'd like to tell you a bit about our walk in Discovery Park on January 6.

It was a gray and chilly day, but there was no rain in the forecast so we decided to walk the approximately four-and-a-half mile loop from the park Visitor Center to the beach at West Point and back. Early in the walk, we came to the old chapel, from the days when Discovery Park was the U.S. Army's Fort Lawton. Next to the chapel was a small grove of apple trees, with apples still hanging from some of the branches.

Near the chapel there was also a low stone wall, which was a wonderful place to stop and enjoy the view of a meadow and a beautiful old building, formerly the fort's post exchange.

From the chapel, we took a long downhill trail to the beach at West Point. It seems like the crows follow us everywhere lately, and Discovery Park was no exception:

While we were at the beach, the sun even made a brief appearance.

Finally, before we headed back up the long hill to the Visitor's Center, we walked down the trail to the West Point lighthouse, which was built in 1881.  It is in the process of being restored.

We have only seen a tiny portion of this wonderful Seattle city park, and I expect that there may be future wanders in this park before 2012 comes to a close. When that happens, you can be sure that I'll tell you about it.


  1. gorgeous...especially love the tangle of bare branches still bearing red apples...