Friday, January 27, 2012

Walks, Hikes and Wanders #2: Along the Sammamish River Trail

On January 10, a cold and mostly cloudy day, Mr. D. and I decided to walk  on the Sammamish River Trail, starting at Wilmot Gateway Park in Woodinville, and walking as far as we could go in an hour, then turning around and walking back. We managed to walk about 6.5 miles in those two hours, and we saw some wonderful sights along the way.

"Birds" must have been the theme of the day, because we saw more than one. First, there was this majestic fellow:


Then, a bit further along the trail, we watched this amazing cormorant on the bank of the river.

Finally, after we had turned around and were headed back, we heard a huge racket overhead and saw this flock of Canada Geese.

In addition to birds, we observed some repeating patterns. The first was this stand of poplars, lining the trail.

The second was a different type of repeating pattern, not created by nature, but pretty cool, nonetheless. I love how these townhouses, and the fence alongside them, seem to go on forever!

We were treated to many wonderful and diverse sights along the way, but my favorite was the one thing that stayed with us throughout the two hours: the calm, peaceful and beautiful Sammamish River.

I hope to walk other segments of the Sammamish River Trail before this year is over, and I'll be sure to tell you about those walks when I do.


  1. Really interesting to see what birds you can see in your locale - we get Canada Geese in our local park so I am familiar with them and agree - very noisy birds!! :)

  2. Oh that river walk just got me! I really enjoy your walks, they are amazing.