Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Favorite Walk

Last week's Photo of the Week reminded me that months ago I promised to write about the walks that I do in my neighborhood, so today you will see scenes from the one I do most often. I called it my favorite walk in the title, but sometimes—when I'm bored with it—it can be my least favorite walk. That's when I intersperse one of my other favorite walks, which will be coming up on the blog sometime soon.

We live on a hill, about halfway up. Most of my favorite walk lies uphill, so when I set out I walk the couple blocks from our house to a pathway that takes me directly to the top of the hill. This path is a right-of-way for the pipeline attached to the reservoir located on the hilltop. (It's so nice of those reservoir folks to give the neighborhood walkers a direct and aerobic way to get to the top of the hill!)

Here is what it looks like at the top of the steepest part of the hill.

 Once I reach the top, I take the path around the reservoir. Last week's Photo of the Week shows my starting point on that path. Here is the same view in summer:

On the west side of the reservoir, there is a short street with houses and a vacant lot that has a bench for enjoying the view of the Olympic Range. There is also an old apple tree.

On the north side of the reservoir, the path widens and there is a fence that runs along a woodsy ravine on one side. The reservoir is on the other side.

Up next is Horizon View Park. It has a tennis court, where local crows watch the action.

 The park also has a playground, and trees that are beautiful in all seasons of the year.

 There is even a bit of yarnbombing in a grove of trees on the edge of the park. What more could a knitter/walker ask for?

From the park, I follow the fence on the east side of the reservoir, and enjoy the views of the sky and clouds.

After walking the circuit around the reservoir and park three or four times, I head back down the hill to home, my walk complete for the day.

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