Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Two Down, Twenty to Go

Happy New Year! There will be the annual "goals, not resolutions" post coming up soon, but today I want to share the good news that I have completed two (!!) projects in the Fiber Festival Stash Knitdown.

First up is Bluer Than Blue, Linda Welch's great pattern, Crow's Feet, that I have knitted three times in the last two years. Can you tell I love this pattern?

Second is the finally, FINALLY finished Doesn't Look Much Like Seaweed Scarf. I cast this on in July 2011, and it went into hibernation with only 8 rows left over a year ago. It only took a couple hours to finish the knitting—how embarrassing! I like Grace Akrem's Seaweed Scarf pattern very much, but I wasn't wild about my yarn choice, although I think it looks great now that it is finished and blocked. What do you think?

You are probably wondering whether there are any other Fiber Festival Stash Knitdown projects happening. Unfortunately, the only other one has been in time-out for almost two months. This is what it looked like when I put it down:

You will find out more about this project when it is reactivated. (And no, I won't let it sit for a year this time!)

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