Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Annual Goals, the 2013 Version

If you remember my New Year's posts in 2012, you know that I don't make resolutions for the year; I set goals. This year, instead of writing two posts, one for knitting and one for other aspects of my life, I'm going to combine the goals in one post right here.

First up, the knitting goals:

1. Continue to work on finishing those longstanding UFOs.

I made great progress on this goal in 2012: I finished 5 projects that had been hanging around for more than a year (including 3 started in 2009) and I frogged one project that I knew I would never finish. There are still some lingering projects that I need to revisit, including another one that I started in 2009, so this remains something to work on.

2. Knit more from my stash, and buy less yarn than last year.

I did not make much progress toward this goal in 2012. I did spend a little less on yarn than I did in 2011, but I would like to reduce my spending even more. I really like the challenge of stash diving, and there is also the challenge of my Fiber Festival Stash Knitdown, to keep me on track. I am also planning to participate in both the Stash and Burn podcast's Use It or Lose It challenge and the Doubleknit podcast's Deep Stash KAL. All three of these challenges should put a big dent in my stash this year.

Right before Christmas, I got a head start on this goal by casting on my Start the Stashbusting Cowl, which I finished a few days ago. The pattern is Norah Gaughan's Seyfert, and the yarn is Manos del Uruguay Wool Classica that had been in my stash for over three years. Here is a photo of me wearing this cute cowl:

While I'm going to stash dive as much as possible this year, I am going to Stitches West in February, and I also plan to continue to be in the Hazel Knits yarn club, so I am not going to totally go cold sheep. After all, every knitter needs a little new yarn once in a while.

3. Continue to improve my stranded knitting skills.

As you know, I succeeded big-time on this goal in 2012, all because I finished my Selbu Modern hat. In 2013, I have my sights set on knitting either (or both) the Fireweeds socks or the Winter Twilight mitts. I'll be sure to give you a progress report with photos as the year progresses.

Now, the Non-Knitting Goals:

1. Read more books.

This is on my goals list every year, because one can never read too many books. I succeeded in reaching my goal of 42 books in 2012, and went a little beyond it: I actually read 43. This year, I am back to trying to read 52 books, averaging one book per week. I think I can, I think I can...

2. Do more long walks and hikes in 2013. Document my walks with periodic posts to the blog centering on my favorite places.

Last year, my goal was to do 50 long walks or hikes and photograph them all. I actually did about 30 walks/hikes, and while I did take photographs on almost all of them, those photos didn't all end up on the blog. This year, I plan to do occasional posts with photos of some of my favorite places, but the photos may be from several walks or hikes in that place, rather than just one.

One blog feature I plan to continue is "The Weekly Hike". The challenge to fit 13 hikes into the 13 weeks of summer has been fun, as well as good for both my fitness and my photography.

3. Take at least one photograph per day every day in 2013.

I have been thinking about trying a Project 365 for at least the last two years. This is the year that I'm going to try and do it. I've already started, in fact. You can view my Project 365 set on Flicker here.

4. Post my favorite photo of the week here on the blog.

Yes, you will get at least one post a week from me, as I pick out and share my favorite from each week's Project 365 photos.

Well, that's it for my goals for 2013. Why don't you tell me about yours?


  1. Great list of goals! That will make for a wonderful year I'm sure! Happy New Year!