Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I Should Have at Least One September Post, Shouldn't I?

I have been missing from the blog for over a month, and I have really good excuses for why—a three-day power outage and a 19-day road trip being two of those excuses. Well, I at least want to make a quick appearance here during September, so I'm going to give you a peek at what I've been up to.

First, a knitting project finished: My Own Hand-dyed Shawl (link is to my Revelry project page).

You may remember from this post that I was knitting Nurmilintu out of YOTH Yarns Little Brother that I dyed in a class I took with the YOTH owners last year. I absolutely love, love, love how this shawl turned out, and I'm looking forward to wearing it as the weather gets cooler (which, after our incredibly hot and dry summer, is finally starting to happen).

There hasn't been much other finishing, but I have at least two WIPs that should be coming off the needles sometime in October, so keep an eye out for those on the blog in the near future.

The other big, big event was Mr. D's and my road trip from Seattle to Minnesota, which started the day before Labor Day and ended just five days ago. I will definitely share some of my photographs in the weeks to come, but to build anticipation, here is a little teaser...

Can you guess where this is? I'll leave it a mystery for now, but watch the blog and an answer will be revealed sometime very soon.