Thursday, April 26, 2018

Adventure #2: Inside the First Brown Bag

Remember these?

On April 4th, I reached in and chose a bag.

Inside the bag I found this:

Two weeks later, while on vacation in California, I cast on.  Here is my progress to date:

The yarn is Wollmeise Pure, and the pattern is Lintilla, designed by Martina Behm. I am hoping to work on this a bit each day, and I'm targeting finishing around June 1st. 

More to come...


  1. what a fun idea! I tried making this shawl before and for some reason, it was not coming together for me. But I will try again one day! Love the color you chose...

    Linda in VA

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! I am making a point to knit one retreat a day, so I'm making good progress, and I am loving the color, too.

    2. Oops, that's repeat. But knitting is almost always a retreat for me, too.